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May 27 2015




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there he is

May 26 2015





>tell my girl i love subs
>she thinkin i wanna dominate her in bed
>god damn i love sandwiches

>tell my girl i love subs
>she thinkin i wanna dominate her in bed
>god damn i cant stand dubbed anime

>tell my girl i love subs
>she thinkin i wanna dominate her in bed
>god damn i hope my real teacher never comes back

>tell my girl i love subs
>she thinkin i wanna dominate her in bed
>i’m 20,000 leagues under the fucking sea

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My mother once told me that trauma is like Lord of the Rings. You go through this crazy, life-altering thing that almost kills you (like, say, having to drop the one ring into Mount Doom), and that thing by definition cannot possibly be understood by someone who hasn’t gone through it. They can sympathize, sure, but they’ll never really know, and more than likely they’ll expect you to move on from the thing fairly quickly. But that’s not how it works.

Some lucky people are like Sam. They can go straight home, get married, have a whole bunch of curly headed Hobbit babies and pick up their gardening right where they left off, content to forget the whole thing and live out their days in peace. Lots of people however, are like Frodo, and they don’t come home the same person they were when they left, and everything is more horrible and more hard then it ever was before. The old wounds sting and the ghost of the weight of the one ring still weighs heavy on their minds, and they don’t fit in at home anymore, so they get on boats go sailing away to the Undying West to look for the sort of peace that can only come from within. Frodos can’t cope, and most of us are Frodos when we start out.

But if we move past the urge to hide or lash out, my mother always told me, we can become Pippin and Merry. They never ignored what had happened to them, but they were malleable and receptive to change. They became civic leaders and great storytellers; they were able to turn all that fear and anger and grief into narratives that others could delight in and learn from, and they used the skills they had learned in battle to protect their homeland. They were fortified by what had happened to them, they wore it like armor and used it to their advantage.

It is our trauma that turns us into guardians, my mother told me. It is suffering that strengthens our skin and softens our hearts, and if we learn to live with the ghosts of what has been done to us, we just may be able to save others from the same fate.

— S.T. Gibson (via wmilam)
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if people would kindly stop spreading obvious urban legend presented as truth that would be really nice

Look I MET Mothman and he was EXTREMLY PROBLEMATIC

bullshit mothman is a kind fellow hes publicly apologized for his behavior

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New Namesake page!

“Isa it’s been a while since you drew anything gore… ohmygoshWHY” - Sarah

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Pretend ur invasive self hating thoughts r being said to u by a 13 y/o boy on xbox live trying to get a rise out of you like
“Your girlfriend dumped you because you’re ugly”
that’s nice tim isn’t it past ur bedtime

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His name is Scrappy

Scrappy was born in 1998 as a black cat and only a few years ago he started turning white (maybe vitiligo) and has ended up with this extraordinary pattern.

Photos by ©Scrappy







boyfriend requirements: 

  • is a feminist
  • not a racist 
  • dances (not necessarily well) 
  • is a cutie
  • is not a murderer 
  • likes puppies 

yes cause obviously if someone is not a feminist they are obviously scum (sarcasm)

  • Isn’t that guy

Man the bar could not get any lower and yet some men still can’t reach it.

The bar was an inch above the ground and the guy dug a hole to avoid it.

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Blindsprings page one hundred and forty nine can be read HERE!

New to Blindsprings? Start reading HERE!


Nothing ruins your youth more than thinking "I should have my shit together by now".


-someone told me this and it’s very relevant.

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Shout out to my otp for fucking ruining me

Types of sleepers


The ‘cute cuddler’ squad: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Pisces

The ‘don’t take this the wrong way but I’m gonna kick you’ squad: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

The ‘this is my bed sleep on the floor’ squad: Aries, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn

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the incidence of homosexual characters per capita

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